Welcome you to visit us

Spend a great time in “Jāņkalni” with the family, friends or school mates!


Fresh strawberries, blueberries or other berries and fruits! Delicious jams, juices and fruit candies. Do you know how all this is made? From humble seedling up to your family meal… It is a magical interaction of nature and human care about it. We welcome you to visit us with the family, friends or class to show and tell you how we made healthy and delicious products.

“Excursion is an exciting and educational opportunity to evaluate the contribution that stands behind it as everyday matters – berries, a glass of juice or spoon of jam.”

Ilze Lasmane

You will like it

  • Environment

    Vidzeme upland, surrounded by forest, fresh air, healthy fruits and vegetable garden – this is our oasis which you can also enjoy.

  • New knowledge

    You will know how we grow and take care of fruits and berries, how we produce healthy products that are found tasty by whole family.

  • New taste

    We will treat you as our guests – we will regale you with products that we have grown and produced. What exactly will we put on your table? It depends on the season.

The course of the excursion

The visit of fruit and berry garden

The visit of products workshop

An opportunity to taste and purchase products

Excursion prices

<7 persons – 10 EUR per group
>7 persons – 1 EUR per child, 1,50 EUR per adult

Dates for excursions

Go on excursions every working day from 8 till 16

Duration of the excursion

The duration of excursion is 1 – 1,5 hours

Apply for an excursion!

Apply for excursion timely!

Preferred timeNumber of visitors


Pick berries for yourself and us!


Do you want to spend time in fresh air and get freshly picked berries for your family meal? Apply for barter and all what you will have do is to pick berries for yourself and us. Barter is possible only in blueberry, raspberry and strawberry season from middle of June till the end of August.

Apply for barter timely to be sure that the most beautiful and ready berries are not picked yet.

They say that berries picked by yourself have a completely different taste. You can feel love, care and a lot of positive emotions in them.

Ilze Lasmane

Apply for barter!

Preferred timeWhat berries would you like to gather?

What is happening in “Jāņkalni”


Empty the freezer for new season – produce products


Intensively care for and cut out the blueberry bushes


Work with small blueberry seedlings, sell them as well


Time to harvesting rhubarb and strawberries


Harvesting of delicious raspberries and blueberries


Time to harvest blueberries. August the 14th – Blueberry Sunday in “Jankalni”!


Month of making juices


Cooking crisps of apple


Drying of cranberry, rhubarb, quince and pumpkin


Preparation of various gifts for holidays


Preparation of blueberry juices, blow-drying of tea


Mellenāde and dried blueberries