About us

Healthy, fresh and grown with love products from Gaiziņš surroundings of Vidzeme, where nature itself saves the primeval freshness.

About “Jāņkalni”

The integrated farm “Jāņkalni” is founded in 1992, its story now runs through three generations. It’s the passion and love for nature that make up the farm and is passed on through products produced in “Jāņkalni”.

“Give all necessary for plants and it will richly reward you not only with fruits, but also with peace and pleasure that gives good growing plants aura.”

Uldis Ozoliņš

Garden Family Health


Concept of “Jāņkalni” is simple – it is a family farm where we with passion are implementing different ideas on how to live healthy, delicious and full. The only difference is that we do it on a greater scope to share with you our achievements and fruits of labor.



The most beautiful place in our farm. It has a specific magic because right here it all started thanks to our grandfather agronomist, who cultivated first rhubarbs. Thanks to him it all started, it all develops and keeps evolving.



Our biggest value certainly is wise advice, support and common goal. “Jankalni” is our family lifestyle, not a job or a source of immediate profit. Our best childhood memories and the biggest future dreams and hopes reside here.



By using environment friendly measures and preserving biodiversity, fresh fruits and berries are grown here in an integrated way. After that they are processed in the products department and are prepared like at home – with love and with no preservatives – to become into delicious and healthy products.



It is the nature and our grandfather Edmunds, who created this environment, which our family is now developing and cultivating for the third generation already, so that you and us could enjoy the harvest of it. It would be hard to imagine a better environment for cultivation of healthy and delicious fruits and berries. Vidzeme upland surrounded by forest, nearby the lake, where berries can be picked and eaten and where city dweller may even have their head spinning from the freshness of air.


of planted land surrounded by forest

in year 2000

planting of first blueberry seedlings


blueberry, strawberry and raspberry varieties

365 days a year

take care of plants, fruits and products

”Jāņkalni” band – Our team

Ilze Ozoliņa


  • Responsible for products department, events and marketing
  • Soft blueberry candies and blueberry jam are her favorite
  • Plays the violin, piano and learns to play accordion

Grown up in the countryside, but got to explore the wide world as well, Ilze realized that her heart and energy belongs to “Jankalni”. She organizes excursions, participates in development of new products, and takes care of various events in “Jankalni” as well. Studies of business administration help her to deal with all these responsibilities.

Māris Ozoliņš


  • Responsible for the field work and the overall development of the company
  • Any blueberry products and fresh blueberries are his favorites
  • Plays the cello

Education in Latvian University of Agriculture Faculty of business administration perfectly complements practical knowledge of Maris. All the necessary knowledge in organic farming he has acquired in a self-taught way. Opportunity to combine this knowledge, to find creative solutions, diverse everyday life and love of nature and countryside is an inspiration, satisfaction and fulfillment of Maris.

Uldis Ozoliņš

“Jāņkalni” father

  • A volunteer adviser
  • Jam “Rabarberu mundrums” and juices are his favorites
  • Plays the clarinet

God said to man: “Cultivate the garden and shape it.” Uldis took this quite literally because the love towards the land is innate and field work is very close to his heart. Uldis is father of “Jankalni” in a direct and figurative sense. In 1992 he created one of the largest blueberry farms in Madona district. He also taught his children Ilze and Māris to love nature and work. Now Uldis doesn’t participate in active work anymore, however, he willingly provides wise advice and support to Ilze and Maris.

Our helpers

Diāna Aleksandrova

Our right hand in workshop and garden

  • Favorite products – blueberry production, apple chrisps and natural juices

Diana likes the agricultural industry, so it is no coincidence that she is our right hand as in garden as in product workshop tasks. Dynamics, development, encouraging owners and the work diversity is what attracts her the most to “Jāņkalni”. The nature is, of course, irreplaceable, as is the positive atmosphere and the team that makes work to be more like an exciting lifestyle rather than an obligation.


You are also a part of our band or team because you appreciate our fruits, berries and other products, you help to pick berries, and you inspire us and give energy!
Thank you!